Technologies we use

  • .NET

 . NET is a Microsoft framework that makes an emphasis on transparency of networks , regardless of hardware platform and enables rapid application development. Based on it , we create commercial applications for different types of clients and jobs.

This tool is more focused on what is creating the Web environment , a party equally important that our company develops . Allowing quick and agile integration between companies and simple access to all types of information from any device that has internet access .

. NET Framework is also used and is available in a smaller version for the Windows Mobile platform , including smartphones .

With this platform , ventures into the field of Web Services and also given using standard XML files as in the transport of information. ADO.NET is also a very important part of what it is . NET technology , which is basically an efficient way to access data and data services. This technology is currently used as our company uses , to perform both Web and desktop .


  • Mobile Techologies

In what is mobile technology , with systems developed both Android and IOS operating system , these two operating systems are currently the two main systems used by mobile phone companies , Apple Talk yourself with IOS and companies like LG , Samsung , Huawei ... ect , today have smartphones in the market with Android operating system .

For our company another pillar of application development in what the mobile environment is the use of these mobile technologies to develop applications that meet the requirements of the current application market that also meet the needs of the mobile application user today.

The market for mobile applications which are call it , Google Play (for Android ) or App Store (for iOS ) , our company ventured into two " stores " applications to provide the public good size applications , use and functional , thus meeting our business needs for people currently living smart phone users .


  • Java

The Java platform is a platform used today by most software development companies , this application is used in both mobile and desktop . For our company also uses Java for application development .

Today 1,100 million desktops running Oracle Java , 100 % of Blu - ray players run Java , 3 billion mobile phones run Java and are manufactured Java Card 1.4 billion each year. This reflects the use as big globally that is given to Java, this platform there are now more than 9 million developers worldwide , Java allows us to develop , implement, and effectively use interesting applications and services for our customers thereby enabling to meet the requirements of these in which their systems require .


Why Software Developers Choose Java ?

Java has been tested , adjusted , expanded and tested by a community of developers, architects and enthusiasts Java applications . Java is designed to enable the development of high-performance portable applications for the widest range of platforms possible. By making available worldwide applications in heterogeneous environments , the company can provide more services and increase productivity , communications and collaboration end user .


  • PHP

Language is a very popular open source especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML . What distinguishes PHP from something like client-side JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server , generating HTML and sending it to the client. The customer will receive the result of running the script , but not know the underlying code was. The web server can even be configured to process all HTML files with PHP.



MySQL is a database engine created in c, c + +, which is the best in direct consultations. This database engine is the one that develops Townner addition to functional applications, also optimized. This database engine runs a leguaje called "sql", with which all applications, web pages and mobiles application are made.

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